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04-02-2011, 08:06 AM
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Originally Posted by badfish View Post
In the last 3 months I've had a black berry, a droid, and an iphone.

Blackberry Curve: I liked the phone at first, it was really great. I moved to northwestern Ontario for my summer co-op term, and did not have any reception. When I moved home, for some reason my e-mail and stopped working. I tried everything, re-adding account, re-entering password, talking with blackberry, talking with rogers, no one knew why. All my friends who had berry's received e-mails from the same server, but I couldn't. Beyond that, I liked bbm. I know its not really much more then texting but for some reason I enjoyed messaging on bbm more than texting. Browsing was slow and ******. There are no apps at all, anything besides facebook or twitter costs money pretty well. The reason I got rid of it was because I stepped on the screen and it broke. I was eligible for an upgrade so I went the upgrade route...

Samsung Galaxy Captivate: I got the Captivate and really liked the phone. Android is a very solid OS and it comes with a lot of features. I quickly learned a few things though, do not have too many widgets or run apps very much. It kills the battery like crazy. My phone also seemed to leak data. Honestly, I checked my data usage one day and was at 150 MB. 2 days later, I was at 700 MB. I have no idea how that happened, because in the few years I've had a smart phone, I've never even come close to 500 MB. I suspect it was either an error on Rogers part or my phone was just draining data like crazy. I really liked the browsing experience, I found it an upgrade over my berry. It was really neat how efficiently all my contacts synced up too, and the Swype feature is one of the smartest things I've seen put in a phone in a while. I really hope it takes off and keeps going. The reason I got rid of my android: a week after I signed my contract, I got a job offer in the Northwest Territories where Rogers doesn't have coverage so...

iPhone 4: I have used an iphone/itouch before. I honestly thought I would like the android more. I hated my macbook when I had one, I sold it quickly and bought a PC instead. The iPhone 4 is pretty solid though. The phone feels solid, but I still put a cover on it. i dont know if I need a screen protector. I haven't used it much yet because I have a NWT phone number, and I'm still in Ontario. The browsing experience is good. The app store ist he best of iphone/droid/berry. You can't customize it as much but that is okay. Facetime is neat, the iPhone is popular among my group and we are all moving around the country for work so it will be a nice feature to have. My plan is with Virgin mobile, it is much better than the rogers plan I had. Overall, I've enjoyed the iPhone 4 the most, but very very close to the samsung galaxy. I miss the swype feature that comes with the galaxy a lot though as typing on a touch screen isn't exactly the best thing to do.

Hope that helps
This is a really good summary IMO.

Basically if you just want to read/answer emails or text message or if you are for some reason very serious about security, go the blackberry route.

If you are a geek/nerd and you REALLY want to be able to customize your phone EXACTLY how you like it, have widgets, etc.. then go the Android route, but like badfish said, watch the battery drain ...

If you want a phone that works well for the most part but that will annoy you with the lack of customization, then get an Iphone.

P.S: I had an Android for a couple years and now have an Iphone. IMO it really depends on what you want to do with your phone and how much you are going to fiddle with your phone past simple install app, run app kind of stuff.

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