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10-13-2003, 03:48 PM
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Originally Posted by Laperriere22
What's actually going to happen is the opposing teams will drive the net and draw penalties if they know those two are going to do stuff like that. I like it rough and tumble, but it was after the play and unnecessary. If he wanted to send a message, he should have punished Kariya while the play was still happening and then maybe he wouldn't have scored the goal in the first place. And if he did it during the PK itself, there's a better chance the refs would let it go. Doing it after the play accomplishes nothing as far as I see it.
Not saying what he did was smart because it was a tight game, but as been said before Prongs plays better when he plays on the edge and I think he just snapped because he saw Jackman get knocked down directly leading to the Av goal and he blasted Kariya. He got the two minutes he deserved and like has also been said it just lets Kariya know that thee is a price to be paid for that area of the ice. Hockey is a rough game and stuff like that is going to happen.

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