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Originally Posted by mrCoffea View Post
That's the worst attitude you could have. Baseball worked for nearly 40 years in this city, and this city has a rich baseball history. It's people that are complacent and give up such as yourself that give Montreal a bad name when it comes to it being a "sports town". People still go walk around with expos gear, young college students from the states and all over Canada litter the streets of our city during the summer. Festivals attract people from all over. We have a huge population compared to many cities that still have a team. With a proper stadium, baseball would not only work be very popular in this city.

We just need to rally and at least TRY to get baseball back. This is a real city, it doesn't need a AAA team, it needs an MLB back
The thing with the Expos is things started to go sour at the worst possible time. Back in the late 90s, public financing of stadiums was not an option, professional sport was not as popular as it is today across North America, the Canadian dollar value was low and Canada had just lost the Nordiques and the Jets. And of course the strike in 1994 was very damaging, for Montreal, as well as MLB in general. Loria sold the team and MLB was forced to buy it since there were no buyers who wanted to keep the team in Montreal, and it was over from that moment.

Now, in 2011, they're going to build an arena in Quebec City with public funds only, professional sport is way more popular than it was and teams make much more money than they did 15 years ago, the Canadian dollar value is high and we're talking of having NHL teams back in Winnipeg and Quebec City.

If the Expos could have survived the late 90s to early 2000s with a local owner, I'm sure the government would have been open to pay for part of a stadium a few years ago, and the team would still be here. Remember, the Expos were only asking for around 70 million $ from the government for the new stadium, the rest was paid by the private funds. They had sold all the luxury boxes and most of the seats in the new stadium before they even broke ground.

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