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Originally Posted by Chariot View Post
I have to disagree. There was a very concise plan post lockout to rebuild the team from within. What derailed that plan was Jagr and Lundqvist in 2006. We all got excited and thought maybe there was contender here.

Sather did the right thing and explored that idea, but alas.

Post Jagr the rebuild continues. Its a work in progress and they are back on track.

LOVE LOVE LOVE the blueline, the Dubi Cally Zucco Prust Boyle.

We are an elite forward away from taking a big step towards being a legit threat contender, and it looks like the room to sign that player will be there in the not to distant future.

The busted signings/ trades for of Drury Gomez, Redden, Zherdev, Ollie were all worthy gambles imo. Redden is the only one I really have a problem with because he did show signs of reduced offense prior to his signing here. All those contracts are too much $$ but we have no idea if Sather set that bar or he just had to meet it to compete.

Look what Briere got in Philly and we see thats what the market dictated that summer. We are lucky the Rangers have the cash to wiggle out of some of these deals. Sather has more opportunity to take a chance than other teams.
Over all I give him a B+ - especially after last summer.
Granted, this may be true, or not. As a fan I can only go with what I read on the net as I'm not privy to "the plan."

But if we were in a legit rebuild I double my condemnation of the stewardship. Look. I'm just a fan and in no way think my casual ideas stand up to the brilliance a 2 Penn Plaza. If there was truly a rebuild he had 2 opportunities to move Jagr at the deadline to move us further along the rebuild. When most of us casual fans were screaming to sell at the deadline this imbecile was reloading; handing out $7mm contracts like candy corn on Holloween.

IMO, this team would be even further along had we done a consistent rebuild. That he thought we were good enough to win a Cup with the swiss cheese composition of a team he put together is proof enough for me that he's clueless. Whether the youth movement is by design or forced on him by the bad signings is moot. What I'm grateful for is that he hasn't traded assets for for mercenaries like at the beginning of his "reign of error."

btw - I think your grading is very forgiving. B+ is beyond generous. You need to grade him on his tenure here, and that's no where near "B" territory.

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