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Originally Posted by HeheHohoHaha View Post
I agree! Hate to say it I also think that zuce will be a great nhler, but im not sure if nyr is the right club. By that i mean its a big club. Perhaps it would be better for him to play in a smaller club like columbus cause he will get more icetime and the coach will be more patient. Just look at how well Knutsen played for columbus. Sucked for anaheim, star in columbus
Zuccarello's problem is the same problem that every undersized NHL'er has. It has nothing to do with patience by the coaching staff, it has to do with the way North American hockey works.

If you are an undersized forward you're only chance of becoming a regular in the NHL is if you break into the top-6 of your respective team. If you're not good enough to merit ice time on the top 2 lines, 99% of coaches would rather have someone bigger, stronger and more defensively responsible to play on the bottom two lines.

Zuccarello isn't a top-6 forward on the Rangers. He lacks the speed to be a goal-scoring threat. He's a playmaker, which means the only way he's going to have success is if he thinks the game faster than everyone else. He needs to develop a higher understanding of the pacing and systems characteristic of the NHL so that he can fully utilize his passing skills. If it wasn't for his dominance in the shootout he would have been sent down earlier IMO and that move would have been completely justified.

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