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04-02-2011, 05:17 PM
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Originally Posted by FacePalm1967 View Post
Selig is going to retire..

I know most people in Montreal Preferred NL rules but what if say the Rays moved to Montreal and became a part of the AL East? I mean natural rivals with Toronto and Boston. New York makes baseball teams a lot of money when they play away games. Baseball is adding more wildcard playoff spots next season.
Are there ANY MLB teams at risk of moving any time soon? I'd love to be back in NL if possible, but I'd take ANYTHING at this point. Since the expos left, I've sworn off baseball, but yesterday, due to certain circumstances, I decided to watch the Jays home opener (first complete baseball game I watch since the expos left) and it made me miss baseball even more than ever. And this is coming from someone that literally thinks of the expos every day of his life.

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