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04-02-2011, 05:01 PM
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Originally Posted by RangerEsq View Post
Thank you!

The only time I remember the Rangers barely missing it is last year.

The Rangers have an 83.5% chance of making it if it's just them and the Canes. Throw in the chance that either the Habs or the Sabres can also have a few bad games, and their odds of making it are upwards of 95%.

There are 3 open spots and 4 teams competing for them, with the Canes clearly behind and none of the top 3 teams ahead of any other by more than 2 points or 1 extra game.

The Rangers are making it. Stop the panic.
You can't sit here and tell me this team has had good luck can you?
Jagr blows shoulder against Devils, Rangers swept.
7 seconds and Drury buries it...comes to the Rangers and ***** the bed.
Gomez multiple cups and comes here & plays like ****.
Up 3-1 against caps, and blow it.
Miss the playoffs in a damn shootout coming down to the last game.

And today, after being in the playoffs all season we find ourselves clinging onto the 8th spot in need for at least 2 wins from our next 4 games. Hopefully the fortunes turn starting tomorrow.

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