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04-02-2011, 07:18 PM
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Not sure what to say but I think it goes back to something Grinder asked a few days ago, did we peak too soon? Are we starting to come down off our good play? We go on hot stretches for 10-12 games. Always have. I can't recall where we tear it up for 20-30 at a time in our history.

If we can't learn from Chicago last year in the playoffs and we can't learn from the last 2 weeks of how to hold on to a lead, when are we going to learn? Is it something the players need to be cognizant of? Is it the coaches that aren't keeping the pressure on the players? Not sure what the issue is but it needs to get fixed at some point.

The other thing is, we were given another "gift" if you want to call it that on the Holmstrom goal, went up 3-0, given chances on the PP once they cut the lead and tied it and still didn't get it done. This one's on us. Can't say the refs didn't help us out. Can't say the PP's weren't there. Can say the focus and ability to close out the game is a huge issue. The game is 60 minutes, especially come playoff time. This is playoff time. We need to step it up and if we don't, we're gonna get bounced again.

And for all those that say we'll be the underdogs again with a lower seed, that's BS. The 3-8 seeds are separated by less than 10 points so the teams are about the same so it's anybodies game. If we get one of the top two seeds then I can see us getting bounced but if we are anywhere between 3 and 6, we should be able to get into the second round.

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