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04-02-2011, 09:18 PM
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Originally Posted by Et le But View Post
We win games we should lose and lose games we should win.

This team is crazy and I love it.
We win a high percentage of the games Tom Pyatt plays and lose a surprisingly high percentage of the games he sits.

Record when Tom Pyatt is shunted aside: 8-12-1
Record when Tom Pyatt is in the lineup: 34-18-6

Of course, Pyatt is by no means the key difference maker in so many games, but icing Pyatt, who has great work habits, and plays Martin's system correctly 95% of the time, may just have a positive rub-off effect on other players.

The Habs' faults when they lose are very often the following:

- They do not support the puck well
- They take selfish or lazy penalties
- They fail to cover their men in the defensive zone
- They give up too many odd-man rushes
- They commit too many turnovers in their own zone and at the opponents' blueline
- They are afraid to take a hit to make a play
- They give up too many goals on the PK

Tom Pyatt almost NEVER makes any of the mistakes listed above.

When he plays he helps the team more by making very, very few errors and taking virtually no stupid penalties while doing a good job on the PK, than he hurts it by not being the greatest 4th line scorer.

Tom Pyatt was a very, very important player in the two playoff series wins over Washington and Pittsburgh last year, and I hope Jacques Martin goes back to rewarding his efforts like he did last year, and plays him every game (so long as he keeps playing smart). Not only is that fair to Pyatt, but it shows the rest of the team that Martin is serious about how he claims to want the game played.

In the end, it's about winning - nothing else! The stats above take in too many games to be a fluke. There must be real reasons for why that is happening, and I hope I have explained some of them.

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