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04-02-2011, 09:44 PM
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Originally Posted by Gary Roberts View Post
Best time to go to the gym is as soon as you wake up. That way you get the full benifit throughout the day and you don't waste the metabolism boost. In addition, your energy level will be higher throughout the day.
I've heard both theories on this. I think Cole said it here, but scientific tests have shown that there is more benefit going to the gym at 2-4 PM. Something to do with testosterone, and then spikes your metabolism to it's highest point before one of your biggest calorie meal (depending on your diet). It is also sort of natural, because you're lifting and then more than likely eating right after, which will allow you to get more protein in your body.

I am with you about lifting in the morning. It spikes my energy all day, it seems, and I just generally feel better. I will say though, I tend to be more hungry throughout the day if I lift in the morning since my breakfast would usually come before I lifted. I'd be resorting to snack times to replenish, where as lunch was always a low calorie thing for me (i.e. a cobb salad or something), so I wouldn't get a nice shot of calories until dinner.

I don't think it matters, but I would definitely lean more towards the 2-4 PM as the best time to lift, though for me personally, the morning makes me generally feel better.

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