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I played some A/AA and refereed while growing up, so I can give you some info from a fellow player's standpoint. I'm actually thinking about getting into it again, so maybe my post can inspire both of us

***ALSO, for what it's worth, I reffed in the US so it may be different up in the great White***

With that being said, they'll start you out reffing mite/squirt house games during your first year. Usually, there will only be two linemen who each act as head ref during these games. Our schedule system was pretty relaxed/open, meaning that if you saw a game you wanted to ref, you'd sign up for it. It was on a first-come-first-serve basis too, and I knew guys who'd schedule 5 or 6 back-to-back rep games every weekend...that's a TON of pocket change for just getting paid to skate around watching great hockey! If you're reffing a rep game, you won't usually be able to head ref until after you have some experience (a year?) under your belt.

I love playing hockey, and never thought I'd like to ref, but it is an entirely different experience from playing it. Make sure your skating skills are strong (although I don't think that will be a problem for you). It can be exhausting sometimes. As a player, you get to rest up during your off-shifts...but as refs, you're constantly sprinting up and down the full sheet of ice.

As far as puck dropping skills go, you don't *have* to get the puck flat each draw (they won't fire you, etc.!), but it is the sign of a good ref. If you want to go pretty far in this, you have to get that down.

Also....I'm 5'5 and, if not for college and sticking with it, I think I could have gone pretty far in this career. Someone who I reffed a lot of games with was a linemen for the WHL, and he was about 5'8-5'9...the guy was a complete goober though, so if he can do it, you definitely can

P.S. Be prepared to get flak from *a lot* of parents on the way out to the parking lot after a game

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