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04-03-2011, 12:43 AM
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Originally Posted by predfan98 View Post

And we can't win with rolling just 3 lines, and continue to wear out the top lines...........i don't understand trotz thinking on this...and frankly I disagree with playing like this, and I do blame trotz....
I don't know why this is a surprise to anyone. It's been his pattern for awhile now. When Pereault and Hordichuck were here, he did it to them too. In the playoffs, iirc, Hordichuck didn't play at all, and Pereault had less than 2-3 minutes, I think. We exhaust our primary lines, and punish whichever line/player Trotz wants to bench for the latest mood. It keeps us from rolling fresh, energized players, line after line like many of our opponents will do.

Also, in the last two power plays, Ward had not been able to bury one. Might it have been a good time to put Dumont's experience, or any of the lately scoring youngsters out there with experienced veterans? I'm just saying, being there in the arena that 3rd period was PAINFUL. I didn't blame the players. Maybe I should have... but I felt like they'd been told... be careful, play it "close to the vest", we need a point here.... Instead of ATTACK, ATTACK again.... and ATTACK till the last buzzer sounds.

There were a few blown coverages, and YES, Shane, shame on you for not skating away and leaving Berthugzi alone with his bare knuckles hanging out. But my biggest disappointment is, once again, with a coach that either doesn't believe in ATTACKING for the win, or if he believes in it, CAN'T coach for it. Either way, the result is the same.

I'm sick and tired of hearing how much he does with so little. These guys can compete with any team out there. Somebody show them that it's OK to attack, as well as play a huge defensive game. Our top lines were out of gas in the third period, because we'd ridden them hard with little or no relief from their capable teammates. That won't work in the playoffs.

Wake up Trotz, before it's too late. This team deserves better. The fan base deserves better. You may not believe these guys can get it done, but many of the rest of us do. I'd rather have lost this game attacking with four energetic lines, than picking up one point exhausting 3, and basically telling these guys that you don't trust them to attack.

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