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Originally Posted by TheDevilMadeMe View Post
How did Rollins have a better peak than cujo? I mean, maybe he did, but I'm not convince yet
I'm not an expert on Joseph, but I think he only got one season with St-Louis that comes close to Al Rollins three best season (1950-51, 1952-53, 1953-54). Rollins was top-2 goaltender in the league in those three seasons, and you can look back at my study to show against whom he had to compete against. For me, the only reason we can compare those two in term of greatness, is that Joseph had a lengthly career in the NHL, while Rollins only had 7 season of hockey in the NHL.

Originally Posted by Nalyd Psycho View Post
Rollins is a great case study. There are many players who had stellar minor league careers in the O6 era. And as we move deeper and deeper into the draft those minor league seasons matter more and more. Rollins is almost certainly the best of the players who had to spend peak years in the minors aside from those we can ignore those years like Bower. And we can look at players as good as Ed Belfour and see a shaky middle to the career and wonder, in a 6 team league, would he have gotten a second chance?

I dont know how to rank Rollins, but he is one of the most interesting puzzles.
I agree with everything you say. I spent about 20 hours on my Rollins biography, and I can't even draw a 'conclusive conclusion'. Like I said before, the best would be to be able to talk with players and coaches who saw him play extensively and could really tell us how good he was or how well he compared against the plethora of amazing goaltender of the 1950's. He's a tough fellow to rank, but no doubt he's better than the 42-44th goaltender of All-Time.

On a sidenote, Pelletier wrote in his biography of Rollins that in the 1952-53 season, Rollns received on average 38 shots a game. That season, he played all 70 games and let in 175 goals, for a save percentage of .934! I'm not sure where Pelletier got his numbers, but if those numbers are right and considering how awful those Blackhawks team were, that 1952-53 season is on par with any season Dominik Hasek with the Buffalo Sabres. Joseph cannot top that by any means.

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