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Originally Posted by seventieslord View Post
so, what if we can't find someone? then what?

and please give me an example of what the conflict of interest might be. I'm just trying to understand here.
pappyline is a great example of a possible replacement candidate. He just posted on the last page. Someone like TC who backed out at the last minute due to the entire draft being overwhelming (sorry if I'm misquoting) might be interested in participating on a temporary basis. BM67 is around quite a bit, and would be an absolute god send to any team that needs picks covered for. There's three off the top of my head, and a small PM campaign with a brief explanation of the situation could hopefully uncover more.

As for an example of conflict of interest; obviously, we won't see anyone picking Aki Berg for a skipped pick, but there could be issues that are more subtle. I'm not accusing anyone here of having ill intentions, but for example, Team A has a a strong backend with six capable defenseman, and a forward group with gaping holes in the bottom-6. Team A is in my conference, and having missed so many picks is likely to match up with Team X in the first round, who is the heavy favourite to win their division. I have a feeling that I'll match up with Team X in the conference finals...thing is, he has a couple of injury prone players (his first pairing is Bobby Orr and Sami Salo...). On behalf of Team A, I select a fourth line of Matt Cooke, Jesse Boulerice and Trevor Gillies to give the teams bottom-6 an identity. The spare defenseman; Bryan Marchment. I could argue that these four players are deserving of roles in an all-time context because their presence as cheapshot artists would be felt, and would cause superstars like Orr to be thrown off their game. While I know this won't work, secretly I'm hoping that when it comes for my turn to match up against Team X, I have the argument that Marchment would've thrown Orr's knee out in the first game of the first round, and that Orr wouldn't even be playing in my series. I take a page out of the seventieslord guidebook and spin these points () to no end, and voila, I've won my series because I dubbed Bobby Orr to be MIA thanks to Bryan Marchment.

Obviously, this is unlikely to happen. As a collective group, I think everyone here respects the history of hockey too much to pull a stunt like this. Second, if any of us tried to pull **** like this and draft Boulerice, we'd all call them out. Hell, seventies got **** on for his April Fools joke of Zenon Konopka. Thing is though, best avoid any potential conflict of interest, if possible. Same reason why when voting comes around, we send them to a GM in the opposite conference. If however after exploring the route of outside replacements yields no results, I don't have a problem with seventies or anyone else stepping in. If others are against that though, maybe even have a buddy system between two GM's of different teams discuss and agree on the picks so that there's no possible conflict.

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