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04-03-2011, 08:45 AM
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Originally Posted by token grinder View Post
jesus, a week ago most here were predicting playoff success, and now we are doomed again. we are going to make the playoffs unless we put up a goose egg here in the final three games. even then, i still don't think we miss it. I am not happy the point fairy reared its ugly head and gave two to detroit. But reality is reality. we took a point, playing with house money with them. lost in this is we were 4-1-1 this year vs them. you offer that up at the beginning of the year, everyone would have taken it.

on sob, yes, stupid fight. it happened. probably wont again. trotz was asked about it and he said very curtly, "he is a big boy" didn't seem too happy about it. i am sure it has already been addressed, and honestly, after they scored two goals, didn't really need to be, sob knew. when a team starts to get down, you don't beat them over the head. does no good, esp this time of the year. you correct mistakes, and save the tough practices and yelling and screaming for the good times, and times where effort is not there.

one thing we are not talking about enough is how poor of a game (and to his credit in the postgame, manned up and took responsibility) smithson had. had a piss poor game defensively, lost key face offs, and allowed himself to get tied up when he did lose them.

this is one of the few times, we have had key guys suck. rinne sucked for the standard he has set for himself, smithson sucked on the draw all night. the fourth line sucked and got the justified ice time. sob sat in the box 12 minutes, resulting in everyone else picking up the slack. as much went right in the first 25 minutes, went wrong in the last 38 or so.
I think my perception is perhaps the team lacks the "killer instinct" to put things away and bury a team when we have a chance. And has never had this.
And frankly, perhaps this is a big part of "one and done."

And wondered if this year maybe things were different. But yesterday seemed like a game where we should have buried the wings and moved forward to the next step. Yesterday seemed like a chance to build........and we seemed to bury ourselves mentally.

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