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04-03-2011, 09:29 AM
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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
Which makes Pyatt more valuable to this team than Markov? It's all good to get those stats, they are indeed interesting. But any chance you've also pulled out the type of opponents we happened to have to explain those stats? Any chance some other stuff happening while he was in or out of the lineup? I mean, while Martin made some good and bad moves, do you seriously think he voluntarily to not dress him while statswise as far as you're concerned, it's crystal clear that Pyatt is totally making this team much better?

Pyatt is not as bad as most people think he is. Yes, I'd appreciate a 4th liner to be more physical but Pyatt does his job. Just not sure that doing your job makes you the MOST valuable player on the Habs 'cause who else had those kinds of stats when they were playing or not? Only Markov did at one point but this year, statswise, Markov is a no show.....Yet, he's not valuable?
I am not claiming that Pyatt is the most valuable member of the team.

I said that after the top 5 forwards, he is in a group of about 9 -10 guys who compete for ice time. I think the stats make a strong case (nothing is actually "PROVEN" by this type of analysis - I repeat a STRONG case) that he should not be sitting out as much as he does, and we should not be hearing so much here about how the team would be better off with minor-leaguers or waiver-wire slugs in his roster place.

I contend that his small number of errors is too easily written off in these parts as not important, and the attributes of other 3rd and 4th line types exaggerated because we see the occasional good effect (an opportune fight, or a PP assist, or an amazing slap shot goal once in 20 games) and don't realize that these same bottom line guys have lots of flaws that Pyatt either avoids or naturally does not have.

I also happen to think that the work ethic of this guy might be rubbing off on other players during the games. That's not a bad thing, and playing him regularly sends a message to the team that if you play hard, play DISCIPLINED, avoid turnovers and play the system, you will get your minutes. Anything wrong with that?

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