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Originally Posted by Fletch View Post
I think his pre-lockout record is a bit relevant when evaluating his tenure with the Rangers. Further, he did do a good job positioning this team for the playoffs post-lockout, mostly aided by a Jagr contract that was super-CBA friendly. Further, with that good positioning, and the lockout, he gave the organization breathing room to grow prospects and not trade them away. The question now becomes, is this team a contender and/or does it have the pieces to contend, or is it really just going to be a team on the fringe of making the playoffs and which will be lucky to get through a round. If it's the latter, then he's in the camp of about half the NHL, and is just averaeg. If it's the former, then he's doing a good job. Sometimes I think it's going to take a fresh face to come in a take the organization to the next level. Admittedly I've only seen two games this year, a product of working 8am until midnight everynight and Saturdays, so I can't comment on this season, but I can comment on his tenure mostly and the team's record currently suggests they're once again on the fringe. I've been fair to Sather throughout his tenure. I honestly thought he had no right coaching this team coming out of the lockout and it was a joke that the organization didn't look to a fresh face. Of course, it was likely part of the plan - spend and try to get somewhere, and if that doesn't succeed, shed assets for younger assets and prepare for an era in which spending would be under control. So that's likely why he stayed. But in any event, he's done some good, but it seems as though he's continuously trying to fix his mistakes. I'd like to see someone new in the near future.
Fletch, wow, I'm having flashbacks to '05! Haven't seen your name, and your insightful posts, around here for a while, buddy.

I tend to feel the same way as you regarding fresh faces. For example, I understand the argument Renney was the perfect coach for those years after the lockout, but the team needed a different coach to push for the Cup. With a GM, it becomes a little more hairy. Some guys (Henrik, Staal, Callahan) drafted under the Sather regime are no-brainers and are building blocks for any general manager. Some of the others - and the guys that form the current team's identity - like Anisimov, Girardi, Del Zotto, Stepan, Sauer, even Dubinsky are guys that the new GM will re-assess. Those are Sather guys.

With the team close to becoming a real contender, I'm hesitant to bring in another guy who may feel differently about the fringe core guys.

At the end of the day, I'm going to cheer this team regardless of who's on it. It's just that this team took a huge step forward this year in filling out the roster. In my opinion, it's a playmaker, a year's experience for the rookies, and last year's Gaborik away from contending.

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