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04-03-2011, 04:25 PM
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Originally Posted by drugold View Post
The band of horses song is pretty nice. Got a fair bit of radio play last year over here. Props to the huge sailor beard.
Talking about Heart and Led Zeppelin, Heart does a rocking cover of Rock n Roll on the album I got for Valentines Day. Another awesome Led Zeppelin cover is by the mexican duo Rodrigo y Gabriela. Absolutley instrumental but with a classic like Stairway to Heaven and such beautiful classical sound you dont need words.

Obviously not everyones flavour but Im really digging this flamenco classical vibe this morning.
Anyone listen to these guys? Would love to catch a gig
That's really cool that BoH got radio play. Was it on an independent station? The only time I ever hear it here is on KCRW, the public station from Santa Monica.

I never got into Zeppelin or Heart, but do you like Queen?

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