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Montreal AAA HC

Head Coach : Vladimir Yurzinov
Ass / Goalie coach : Warren Strelow

Aurel Joliat - Stan Mikita - Didier Pitre
Jiri Holik - Marty Walsh - Reggie Leach
Marty Pavelich -Ralph Backstrom - Blair Russel
Georges Mantha - Andy Blair - Joe Lamb
Josef Malecek - Tony Amonte

Mark Howe - Ken Reardon
Lionel Hitchman - Dickie Boon
Allan Cameron - Clem Loughlin
Udo Kiessling

(Georges Mantha is the unofficial 8th D-Men)

Ron Hextall
Chico Resch

Joliat - Mikita - Leach - Howe - Loughlin
Holik - Walsh - Pitre - Reardon - Boon

(with Amonte in the lineup, Pitre is moved to the 1st unit, on D. Amonte is on the 2nd line)

Pavelich - Backstrom - Hitchman - Cameron
Mantha - Russell - Boon - Reardon
Pitre - Mikita - Hitchman - Howe/Cameron
Joliat - Blair/Lamb/Backstrom (depends on opponent, and who's in the sin bin) - Boon - Reardon/Howe (see, the C's)
- the 2nd guy is the C/main faceoff player -

(Udo Kiessling gets PK time if he plays (think Allen Cameron's spot)), and gets PP time if Amonte isn't in the lineup, Reardon isn't in the sin bin, and Boon needs a rest. Which mean -- he probably doesn't get any)


Joliat - Mikita - Pitre - Howe

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