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Originally Posted by FinlandPanther View Post
Im going to number my post so its easier to read because i usually make them into one paragraph.

1. I have watched Markstrom multiple times and his team is awful. Brynas was even better than them and that is absolutely horrfiying. he has had to adjust as a 20 year old to NA style and has not been helped at all considering his team gives all those scoring chances. Even rochester knows this and has put out articles before saying how scary it is Markstrom has played this well. Markstrom has had a bad season considering who he is,the best goalie prospect in the NHL, but that is because his expectations are to be an Elite NHL goalie. Markstrom looks to be taking the same exact path as Rask and look how he turned out. Markstrom was absolutely terrific after he got used to the NA style and his team still sucked, so it showed just how good he really is. he was thrown into the fire and has gotten burned but hes looking as if he is recovering nicely. he's still the best goalie prospect in the league. his size and speed are just too special, im almost positive he will be an elite goalie.

2. Gudbranson was arguably ready last year. He is physically ready to be a shutdown defenseman, but the extra year in juniors has done him miracles, he has found out how to run the PP and is looking as he will develop into a fine and nasty 2 way Defenseman instead of just a nasty shutdown Dman. His shot is a bullet and has an excellent wrister and has figured out when to use both at the right time to get a tip or rebound, he also has crisp passes. Gudbranson is on the boat with me about being NHL ready, while I would maybe like another year in juniors for him, Kingston is an absolute ****hole for player development. I really wish he could go to the AHL but thats not really an option right now. Gudbranson is mature beyond his age, erratic yes, but he won't let anything get into his head as to scaring him at the NHL level. He played like a veteran in preseason and he will be on this team until he retires and hopefully will be lifting the cup over his head as Captain of the Florida Panthers.

3. Howden is a very special case. Yes he is ready to play in the NHL, but that would ruin all his potential. he would have to fight to survive as an NHL player. he has so much potential to be better than just a third line shutdown guy, which would be his role if he was put in now and would be forced onto him, ruining time to devlop his offensive game in juniors. Howden has all the tools to be a scary 2nd line threat with speed and a PK monster. his reach is incredible and his defense for his age is excellent. it's not that he couldn't play in the NHL, but im not ready to ruin all this kid can be just because he looks like he can play now.

4. yes D men take more time to develop into what they can be, but that doesn't mean Myers was ruined because he came into the NHL so soon, it just means we don't even know how truly good he will be because he is still so young, and it will take time to see what he will be in his prime.
Not arguably, he WAS deemed ready by the Panthers. He made the team. The only thing that kept him in juniors was his agent.

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