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04-03-2011, 10:44 PM
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Originally Posted by Splitbtw View Post
Granted, skill will always trump all in beer league, what would you consider comparable physical metrics?

A 6'4" 240 in the NHL will not have the same effect as someone equal in prowess but in his correct skill league. Do you consider them the same?

I'm 6'2" and 190 and play in a D2 league in San Diego. I can skate fast and rip a slapshot with some decent corner work. Other than that I am decent in face-offs and defensive awareness and seem to have moments where a pass comes off my blade where I intend it to but I'm nothing special there.

My questions is, would my skill set compare to anything in beer league?

If your asking what would your skill with all the tools you mentioned you have in a beer league compare to in the NHL i can say not alot. every guy in the NHL can shoot its really not a hard thing to do if you can understand the basics. and even the so called bench warming players in the NHL can pass and skate and shoot great.

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