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04-04-2011, 03:52 AM
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Originally Posted by Nikko View Post
Yeah it's because baseball has 80% of the game being downtime between pitches/innings.
The problem is there is no pressure put on pitchers who like to work slow. Josh Beckett and John Lackey are two terrible offenders of this and wear holding hte ball for 5 minutes with a runner on base as a badge of honor.

With technology a player should be penalized for waiting too long to pitch, bend the rules if theres a guy in scoring position, or if its a close game in late innings but the time a pitcher takes between pitches should be monitored and if they can't trim the time between pitches for each batter by a minute or two if its a 3-6 pitch at bat average than they should be charged with balks after given warnings to work faster. Games would be 2 hours if they did this.

Should be frowned upon like slow play in golf and have the players who are offenders held accountable and embarrassed by their peers. Golfers hate being called out for slow play and it sort of works. Obviously traditionalists will whine because they want to sit in thier seats for 4 hours and nothing will happen.

I remember I liked High Heat baseball more than anyother baseball video game because it didnt take so long between pitches and you could play 9 innings in a normal time. Now I could never slog through 9 innings of MLB the show against some loser on the internet who throws balls and wont give you strikes.

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