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04-04-2011, 12:03 PM
Bravid Nonahan
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My brother is kind of like you. He didn't start playing hockey until he was 11. He finally pressured my parents into letting him play, and now my parents just absolutely love watching him. He started loving the game when he was 8, and you could routinely see him down in our basement, watching a game, and then writing out the lines for every team in the NHL. He'd also spend hours down there shooting a ball against an old bookshelf. He started out playing local league hockey, and then moved up to Rep level the next year. He claims that at the rep level, the teams take hockey more seriously, instead of goonery. Even so, he hates post whistle scrums that happen all the time, and he has stressed that he just wants to play, and how he wishes that some kids would simply play, instead of fighting. Maybe it has to do with the age group (Bantam) where the kids are generally a little unruly, I don't know. This year, a guy on his team was knocked out on a vicous hit to the head where the puck was nowhere to be found. That was pretty hard to watch. Even more disgusting was the reaction from the parents of the opposing team, who were calling it a "clean" hit. But I'd say overall my brother still is in love with the game, he simply can't get enough. Even in the offseason he is on the ice probably 3 times a week, just shooting pucks or playing shinny with his friends. I can definitely see why you might not love the game as much anymore though, honestly, I don't think that coaches should shorten up the benches unless it's AAA level hockey. The kids are first and foremost there to have fun.

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