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Originally Posted by Dagoon44 View Post
I had the honor of sitting in one of the Flyers luxury Boxes yesterday it was on center ice and located about 25 rows up just an amazing seat. Anyway it was great because a few ex NHL players and some scouts were sitting with me and I really focused and watched the game as more then a fan. Here are few things I noticed and hope you guys can maybe expand on the points I make.

Dan Girardi was a straight up stud yesterday. The guy was all over the ice and his decisions in his own zone were perfect 95% of the time. in the last 10 mins of the game Dan and Staal played every second shift and were spot on. Dan was not pushed around one bit and hit a lot. He really is good with his first pass out of the zone.

Bryan McCabe played a very strong game and my God can he shoot the puck! He hit a lot and stood up a number of times to Carcillio's crap. McCabe is a lot bigger then I remembered

Marc Staal see Girardi wow he is going to be the next Larry Robinson

Derek Stepan and Artem Anisimov were bulls on the ice. Neither one backed down from getting hit or delivering one. AA takes way to long to get his shot off but it is hard and acutate when he does. Derek is strong on the puck and played a great game in his own zone moving the puck along the boards and not up the middle.

Torts only played the Boyle and Dubi lines for the last 9 minutes and can't blame him on that call.

Boyle gets a lot of chances but man does he miss the net a lot.
Prust has balls and plays very hard with the puck down low he never loses a behind the net battle. on a side note I love the guy but man he is a pillow puncher he can't break glass with a punch.

Hank was really strong and not sure if the NBC idiots showed this but he was very pissed off about being bumped and slashed and responded by wacking the ankles and and backs of a few Flyers he was really going to town in the second on VRD who refused to move out of the crease even when the puck was at center ice.
Great game to watch live.

I was lucky enough to be a box yesterday as well. And while I agree the Rangers looked great. I am still concerned about the play infront of Hank. JVR's goal is one that can be avoided by being stronger infront of Hank.

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