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Originally Posted by Jester View Post
Are you *ing serious? The dude grew up in *ing Malibu. I don't know much about Martin Sheen as a father (do know he's a religious dude and serious humanitarian activist), but to suggest that Charlie's history isn't largely of his own doing... is ridiculous, let alone to celebrate his current activities.

Don't get me wrong, some of the stuff he's been doing/saying is hilarious... but lets not put him on a pedestal, and lets not act like he isn't a mentally imbalanced a**hole.

We aren't talking about a guy that grew up in the ghetto and had to struggle to make it in life... he's the son of a very successful actor that grew up in one of the wealthiest areas of America, with a ton of **** in his favor. Like a lot of other **** ups that come from that background, it was the monetary benefits of his family and early career that enabled him to get to this point.

The guy held a knife to the throat of the mother of two of his children... lets maintain a bit of perspective here. No matter what excuses for that you might want to make, he isn't "da bul." He's a *ing a**hole, and people need to keep that in mind.

No one's making excuses for him. He's messed up. Even he will acknowledge that LOL.

He's celebrated for speaking his mind freely and not caring about the consequences and also for the pure entertainment value he gives us just by being himself.

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