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Originally Posted by edog37 View Post
sorry to hear about your boys & the bad time they are having at the rink. Sounds like the coach is taking house league way too seriously. Since you coached, you already have figured out a few things about this league:

1) Skills development time is good, but that practice plan did seem unrealistic. While it is important to nail down the basics, it should be fun. Telling a 4 year old to do crossovers for 12 minutes is way out of line.

2) Shortening the bench in a houseleague?! Seriously, WTF over?

3) Small area games do more for skills development than full ice scrimmages. They are fun and teach players how to skate/stick handle in tight corners. Why the coach would not utilize them shows how out of touch this clown really is. Along those lines, what credentials does the coach hold? I'm American, so I'm not up to speed on Canadian coaching credentials for that level. However, I do remember going through a USA Hockey coaching seminar for that level & nothing of what you described was mentioned as a preferred training method. It sounds to me that this guy is trying to move up in the hockey coaching ranks by building a power house Mite program. Only problem is, he's teaching skill sets that should only be tried at the Bantam & above levels.

I wouldn't get your boys out of the sport though. Can they go to a different league in your area? Maybe a different team/league will address some of these difficulties. I don't know how Hockey Canada is set up, but USA Hockey has a feature on its web site where you type in your zip code, & it spits out different leagues in your area. Anyway, good luck & let the coach know that a Stanley Cup won't be waiting for him at the end of the season. Just pissed off parents & bored kids....
I don't think he has any major credentials other than the basic coaching cert.
He claims he got his idea from Hockey Canada's website which is bunk because I've scoured that website trying to find examples of his practices and I'm coming up empty.
The scary thing is his attitude is not uncommon in most parts of Canada. It's not enough to simply get kids to play hockey and like the sport, we're all trying to build the next Sidney Crosby.
Some days I feel like hanging a giant sign over the Arena entrance that reads "Your kid is not going to the NHL".

When I was in my 20's I heard a news story about a local baseball league that stopped keeping score and/or standings. At the time I thought this was terrible because we shouldn't shield our kids from the lessens that can be learned from losing.
But now that I'm a father, I know what they were getting at. It's not about protecting kids from losing, it's about protecting kids from parents and coaches who take winning so seriously, they stomp on the kids in order to have success.

This season I've seen the worst that can happen in minor hockey. It's why I always have to volunteer to coach or assist in coaching.
But thanks for the advice. I don't think I'll pull them from hockey. I want them to continue seeing the great things the sport can offer. I think I just have a really bad taste left in my mouth.
Thanks again.

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