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04-04-2011, 04:35 PM
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Wow so many great bands.

If you ever see Colin Hay live check out his 8 and 12 string acoustics. They have a NorthStar's emblem with the N elongated and an X in the center. They are exceptionally well built and have a particularly precise sustain if I do say so myself.

Propagandi's last album is almost perfect and clearly the best that they have done as far as incorporating their specific sound into a string of songs that keep a record moving from start to stop. It is not unlike Terrorhawk from bvs in that way.

Not hearing the comp between Leftover Crack and Rites of Spring is totally understandable. We all hear different things and while I agree with your statement that RoS was one of the first emo not screamo whiney bands and that LoC is a different type of music, I hear allot of sim lyrical content in the manner that they approach their particular outlooks. I also hear sim tempo and beat's for what that is worth. Like I said we all hear different things. I have heard people say that RoS is allot like Weezer and I don't hear that at all so to each their own.

I have a youtube clip of me playing behind Jeff Beck (along with about 6 other studio guys) as he played "train kept a rollin". I was in the right place at the right time is all. JB is on the level of Hendrix imo and while Clapton is the best technical axeman that I have ever heard he isn't in my top 3 in as far people who have taken the instrument and made it their own. That is of the old school guys.

Not being a lead type I have a different and weird approach to the way that I judge other guitarists so take my opinion in music like everything else with a grain of salt.

DieHard we were both at the Forum when Led Zepplin played there it turns out. I think I was there the first night but I don't remember. I was very young but so obsessed with Page's ability at the time that I simply willed my way there. It was a great show but they way they played San Francisco as the lead into dazed and confused was amazing. You shook me baby had an incredible lead break and so did Since I've been loving you" at least the way I remember it.

I have spent the better part of the day listening to City of Caterpillar and really like them. I little at the drive in style with allot more edge but a good band, really like them.

Oh and if you want to hear acoustic guitar incredible music then download a few of the Mountain Goat's songs. I would recommend "Fall of the star highschool running back" "Pale Green Things" "No children" as three songs to start. There is a goldmine of excellent music in there from the very soft to fun to dark.

Bright eye's "I'm wide awake" has allot of good songs on it in my opinion.

Desaparecido's "Read Music Speak Spanish" is another exceptional edge cd that has a ton of hard songs on it that I like too.

Dinosaur Jr is such a great band with so many good songs.

Same with Husker Du.

Polaris had a couple of really good CD's and the lead singer (can't remember his name) has released a couple of exceptional cd's that is worth looking into. Polaris is the band playing at the beginning of the old Nic show "The Adventure's of Pete & Pete". That song they are playing "Hey Sandy" is about a guy who beat his girlfriend and a bit more. Good drifty melodic stuff.

The Jazz Butcher's lp on Beggar's Banquet was great (distressed gentleperson's I belive).

Too much good music to list at all and now thanks to you guys even more that I have to listen to, what a great problem and we have ton's of great music fans here at HF. I am blown away.

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