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Oh man, where to start...

Playing house league with teams done by district, all the kids from one neighbourhood that played street hockey and everything together, being on the same team was alot of fun.

Nearly destroying hotels playing full contact hand hockey. It got to the point where the other teams in the hotel weren't allowed to go anywhere near us.

The rivalries - Stephenville vs Corner Brook - always a barn burner resulting in at least 1 fight, 2-3 ejections and a suspension in there somewhere.

The parent parties, one guy's dad woke up in his bathtub with a guitar the next morning.

The time we hosted Hockey Day in Canada, getting to play in front of an over capacity crowd in Bantam was amazing.

Being on a B team and beating A and AA teams.

One time we went to a little town called La Scie and played in the opening ceremonies for their winter carnival. We blew them out like 8-1 but man we took a beating from the fans out there.

Going on tournaments and losing so badly we put other teams out.

Getting named captain of my team, trying to rally the troops before big games and at intermissions. Skating onto home ice for game one of my very last Midget tournament and hearing the PA announcer introduce me as "Captain of your Stephenvile Jets, number 7...", that one time it felt like the NHL.

One time we were playing Mount Pearl, down 2-0 after 2. In the room I took out a rubber chicken, we all kissed it then went out and tied it up. A tradition was born.

The last game my friend played with us before he moved to Alberta after his parents lost their jobs when the mill shut down. We tried so hard to get a win for him, we were up 4-1, ended up losing 8-4.

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