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04-04-2011, 05:08 PM
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Originally Posted by drugold View Post
Ive always know goldfinger as being a one hit wonder and more of an undergound one hit wonder at that.
Silverchair is as big as the Living End hear. They had a huge change of dire3ction as the Singer songwriter Daniel Johns did his best Brian Wilson interpretation. Do you work at a studio? Are Wolfmother and Jet the only Australian acts that have made it into your market of late?


Yea, Beck, Clapton Hendrix.
Where is the Australian respect?

double edit*
Should have been more like.
Tsk tsk Tonnel. Dont you know you have a biased nationlistic Australian in the midst.
Here is a link to my Australian shredder who I believe should be in the same breath as those englishmen you mentioned
Tommy is easily among the greatest no matter where he came from and you are right about being overlooked. One of the coolest nicest guy's in the world tooHe was only omitted because in North America he isn't as well known as the other 3 and I was trying to make a point but Tommy is right there for certain. (there are a couple of other Auzzie's who get overlooked all too often too).

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