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Originally Posted by peacepipe View Post
No CBS cost people there day jobs by trying to make Charlie do something he did not want to do which was go to rehab. Even his castmates said he never missed work and always did what he was supposed to. If he wants to sit around and smoke crack all day and it doesnt affect his work than thats up to 1 person...Charlie sheen
Why did CBS mandate he go to rehab?

Oh, yes, because he had just been rushed to the hospital...

This was also after a string of incidents that CBS had remarkably overlooked. What eventually killed the show, moreover, was not CBS demanding he go to rehab... but Charlie Sheen publicly nuking his relationship with the creator of the show. Did you not watch that radio interview, or at least read the highlights?

CBS let Sheen get away with murder before they finally stepped in. Try doing that **** at your job and see how it flies.

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