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04-05-2011, 12:40 AM
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As to City of Caterpillars I liken them to a looser less talented Bear vs Shark but still interesting and good at stringing interesting chord progressions with creative lyrical content. My first day listening to the band but I like them, they will get a solid listening to by me for sure.

If you get a chance to go see the Plimsouls around the greater L.A. area you really should. Its been awhile but they played a benefit or something like that and they were just so good.

Another L.A. band that should have been huge but had a terrible second record deal (a major label over produced thing) is The Last. Their first record on Bomp "L.A. Explosion" is an excellent time capsule of that late 79 early 80 anything goes sound.

The bass player of the band played with The Leaving Trains, a really good L.A. band and has played with David Grey (Babylon why why why why why why) of all people or so I had heard.

I saw Haircut 100 when they first came out and toured and while it wasn't my scene they were actually a really fun band to see. I hear that they are touring the U.K. again, if they make it over they might be fun to see in a small venue.

I saw Peter Murphy of Bauhaus play a double bill with Love and Rocket's last year (two years ago? my mind is so very slipping) and they got together and did a bunch of great music.

The Jesus an Mary Chain (with an obvious different line up) played the states awhile ago and brought that Manchester sound with them.

Rudementary Peni with axeman Blinko at the helm was one of those anarchist manifesto bands and I had heard they played again.

Daniel Johnston released an all acoustic record on his fan site but it has been removed. He is a wonderful troubled and challenging guy who has written some of the greatest songs of our generation.

Bad Brains are exceptional gifted punk/edge music or at least their very early stuff was. I liked them until I read their book and found out that they had some personal perspective's that I can't come close to getting behind. I am an open minded person no? But what these guys wrote made me pretty angry so there you go.

I liked their early music allot and still do, just not who they are if that matters.

So many bands so little time.

So many exceptionally gifted people players and so little time too.

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