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04-05-2011, 04:49 AM
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Originally Posted by Arjun View Post
I don't see whats wrong with chirping? If you play a clean game, and you can back up your words I say, say whatever you like. Agitators really do have a place in hockey more the Perry type than Carcillo I'd say. Guys who take you off your game by shadowing you and talking smack, and then while your all flustered go and score that big goal. Words do a lot to take a guy off their game
I've never really seen "trash talking" actually take someone out of their game......or at least not more than a bad ice surface, a hard day at the office, a couple of kids who won't go to sleep, or the fatigue from a team that doesn't have it's full roster in attendance.

Chirping works sometimes in highly competitive play between two teams playing at their peak where the 1% difference in play it might cause one way or the other might actually swing the course of the game. When your chirping actually has less of an effect than whether or not a team's 4th d-man showed up because his boss made him work overtime......then in reality, it's just about you being a major dick.

Which is the point of guys like Perry and others at the NHL level.....they are PAID to do whatever it takes to win at all costs. In beer league, where people are paying to play, where you get people of varying skills and motivations, who have more important things in life to deal with, that sort of "win at all cost" mentality is out of place and can range from disrespectful to dangerous.

Best case annoy someone so much that they try to injure somebody and take a penalty....for what? So you can score a goal on the ensuing PP that the distracted scorekeeper will award to somebody else to help your team win a game that moves you up one higher seed for the playoffs that everybody makes for a championship that has no actual value? I just don't see the real benefit of being an intentionally disrespectful jerk to most people.

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