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04-05-2011, 10:55 AM
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I'm not sure what province you are in but Alberta has this It's hockey that isn't meant to be too serious.
My first reaction to your issues with minor hockey was to recommend you get involved but you have already said that you are considering being a head coach next year, good call. It seems that maybe getting involved with your association's executive may be a good idea as well. What kind of control freak do you have as a convener that he thinks it is up to him to dictate practice plans? What exactly does the head coach do then? In the association my son plays in and I coach in the executive chooses the head coach and then he is in charge of his team unless there are issues. As for the nutty parents, my feeling is that if you are playing house league they need to chill out but if you are signing up for rep hockey, a certain amount of competitiveness is to be expected. I don't mean shortening the bench for 7 year olds, excusing vicious hits or grinding kids down. Just an attitude that winning is an important goal, by no means the only one or the most important, but important none the less.
An instructor I had at a coaching clinic said something once that everybody involved should always keep in mind, "Minor hockey is not adult entertainment".

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