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Originally Posted by Crazy_Ike View Post
And if there is any circus, it's because the Canadian sports media has created one, not the league.
Expansion plans "Southward Ho" were set prior to Bettmans appointment; painting the guy as the one primarily responsible for the relo's out of Winnipeg, QC & Hartford is both revisionist & completely unfair. In wishing for a new Commissioner, be careful, because you could well wind up with one that is truly pro-American in terms of franchise location, possibly a contractionist, leaving Canada with 3 teams, let alone the possibility of 9 some sunny day.

Originally Posted by Phxprods View Post
So the 2 year mess with the bonds, parking rights, threats of lawsuits, etc etc, are just a figment of the Canadian medias imagination....
Of course not. Hockey is a MotherHood issue up here as you well know, however, when guys' like Shoalts, Brunt & McCown et al pour on the Kerosene it doesnt help matters for Canada or Canadian fans one little bit. Its absolutely undeniable that these guys along with many other pundits harbor simmering resentments' towards the league in general, Gary Bettman specifically. The medium is the message, they've got their soapboxes, they spew invective & theory that does nothing but lather up a wide swath of the fan base in forming opinion.

Originally Posted by PerryMiller View Post
I just have the feeling that if TNSE really did offer the full 210 Million that Bettman would accept it and leave this unholy mess behind very quickly.
Ive wondered about this as well. We know the NHL's inflexible in its price & terms for a local sale, losses last year (09-10 @ $25M) and in staying put as they did for 10-11 with the COG providing $25M to cover losses, now reportedly as high as $40M, were looking at app. $205M. The league likes to claim franchise value is roughly $200M so either they get $205M from Hulsizer/COG or the same plus a $15-$25M relo fee from TNSE. Though I put no credence in Atlanta moving, hypothetically if they did, Im sure the NHL would charge TN whatever the difference in sale price might be with a relo fee in order to clear the bar of $200-$225M. Based on franchise values elsewhere, Id say thats actually a pretty reasonable & equitable price for Winnipeg or QC to pay for a relo'd team.

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