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04-05-2011, 01:00 PM
Window shut..for now
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Originally Posted by DrAStuart View Post
Fans have the right to boo if they choose...don't disagree there. My point, though, is that the consequence of that is an attitude towards fans like Prospal's..."we do it for ourselves, not the fans...cuz we never know when they're gonna turn on us".

Maybe that's unfair to the fans who are, as people have said, spending their money to go to a game...but it is certainly not unreasonable in my view...but on that I guess we'll agree to disagree
Fair point..but in all honesty, guys with an attitude like Prospal's piss me off as a fan. And those guys don't last long in NY, which is fine with me, cause he's not a long term component here anyway.

But yes, we can agree to disagree. Respect your point, just a have a different view, that's all. No hard feelings.

Originally Posted by essen View Post
This is the game that inspired me to finally make an account on hfboards.

I can't believe this. I still can't. I go to school in upstate new york and I'm surrounded by Sabres fans who won't miss a chance to taunt me whenever they can get one. It was an unbelievable comeback. It shut the Sabres fans up quite nicely, too. For a non-playoff game, I felt like the Rangers won game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals.

Also this. How can Tim Thomas be a Vezina contender if he doesn't even exist?

Edit: This is Sauer's goal, not Stepan's empty netter.
Next Sabres fans get on you, simply say "Brett Hull!" to them, or sing this song which my wife and her fellow Devil fans sing at them every time the Sabres are in town:

"How many cups does Buffalo have?? ZE-RO!! ZE-RO!!"

"How many cups does Buffalo have?? ZE-RO!! ZE-RO!!"

Welcome aboard by the way.

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