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Originally Posted by DrAStuart View Post
I don't think so....but I do think that people are reacting to those people on the GDT that were so quick to write off the team and the season when they were down 2-0.

It is one thing to acknowledge and call-out poor play...but some of the comments were really over the top in terms of the doom and gloom. Yes, they played badly in the first...but when posters start saying they've played like crap all year, that they're all useless, that everyone should be traded, Torts should be fired it just doesn't square with least not the reality of this season.

This is not an uber-talented team and yet throughout this season they have ground out wins no one expected, come back from behind (though not often from being down 3 I will admit) and found ways to claw and scratch their way back into games. A lot of our shoot-out wins come from getting a tie in regulation and holding off the opposition in OT. That speaks volumes about the character of this team that despite a lot of holes still finds ways to win.

As much as I hate to quote Larry Brooks, his comments a few months ago about these guys "bending but not breaking" really sums up a lot the season. I think what got some people annoyed was how quick people were to throw everyone under the bus and heap abuse on them after the first rather than rally behind them.

By all means call people out for poor play, but if you look at this past season this is a team that has pulled a lot of rabbits out of a lot of hats...What got people was how quickly some people forgot what this team has showed its fans all season.

Personally, I think Vinny's comments about the fans at MSG were right on...a standing O from a crowd that was booing you a few minutes earlier isn't exactly going to give the players chills...It makes them go, 'yeah...whatever...'
As Torts said this team has balls. They come back in the third more often than most and they are undefeated when taking a lead into the third with one of the youngest defense in the league. From a pure talent point of view, upfront they are average. But, the work ethic and willingness to do what it takes to win is unreal. When they lose, they are outgunned. Next year the guns will be stronger and the team culture will serve us well when we are able to win on talent as well.

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