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04-05-2011, 01:38 PM
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One reason I'm glad this happened, is so I can re-hash these from behindthenet:

I guess it pays to be a bit of a playoff hero. Leighton, he of the save career save percentage as Vesa Toskala, just got a contract about three times bigger than players with similar talent. Here are rankings of goaltender save percentage over the last ten years; Leighton is 72nd. Among 51 goaltenders who were active in 2009-10, he's 47th.

Basically, goalies with Leighton's established talent level make $500k a year. Philly overpaid for no good reason.

With those underperforming contracts, the Flyers essentially put themselves in the hole in the neighborhood of $5M in 2010-11. They could have bought 2+ wins on the free agent market with that money. Why they chose to throw it down a sinkhole is beyond me.

Was there a more predictably bad signing than Michael Leighton for two years and $3.1M? It took barely six months to punt that one. Let this be a lesson to all general managers out there: when a player has a terrible track record over six seasons, like Michael Leighton's sub-replacement .902 save percentage, DON'T REWARD A SMALL AMOUNT OF GOOD RECENT PERFORMANCE WITH A BIG CONTRACT!

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