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04-05-2011, 12:57 PM
We don't need one!
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Originally Posted by duffy9748 View Post
I can't wait til Holmgren has to explain this one tomorrow after Leighton is claimed. Why wouldn't a team claim him for a backup next year? It puts us in a worse spot cap wise than we already were and he's a decent backup for 800k.

He makes plenty of good moves but seriously...

Jones on re-entry
Shelley for 3 ****ing years at 1.1
Now Leighton, when even if he does clear, won't even be playing.
The Good offseason moves



The extremely bad

1) Leighton -given an inflated unwarranted contract before free agency dictated his market value and after he lies about his back not to mention lets in the the worst cup deciding goal in NHL history. Leighton now possibly claimed on waivers and Flyers stuck paying half his salary

2) Walker -speaks for itself

3) Shelley - team clown and added value in the playoffs

4) Zherdev - Enigmatic winger who is good for a couple of games after sitting out in 16 game intervals..

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