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Originally Posted by SenzZen View Post
U mad bro? Gerber was a wet dishrag.

Emery was and still is the better of the 2. The organization botched it.

He was drafted by the Sens. He put in his time in Bingo. When it looked like he might get a shot, we signed Hasek. When that scenario played out the only way it could, Emery stepped up and filled in admirably- it looked like he earned a right to start then. But then we signed Gerber. Emery stayed down and won the starter's job outright. Helped lead us to the SCF (although many want to discredit his contribution ). Had surgery in the off-season and had to come back to fight for his own job.

I don't condone his actions, but when you're dealing with a 24 year-old cocky millionaire (goalie, no less) you shouldn't expect him to take it lying down just because you would.

The Senators were the best team in the league in 2007-08, but that wasn't good enough for the Sun. They needed controversy. That's what happens when there isn't a single hometown fan writing for your local paper: they don't give a **** whether they win or lose- as long as they sell papers. Add that to the fact that the largest media outlet in the country happens to be in the city of our biggest rival, and you're damned right this got blown way out of proportion, and then took on a life of its own.

Remember the article on Emery's bet with OUR CAPTAIN? And the subsequent tattoo? And the shock of the civil service as a whole that resulted? What do you call "fear of personality"?

And now he's fought his way back from being labeled, playing in Russia, and hip surgery, but you still have a hate on for him. At least Emery's matured since then.

Emery has won a total of 34 games over the course of his last 4 years. I would say we bought him out at just the right time.

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