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Originally Posted by ChiTownHawks View Post
In my league it is kind of the reverse. Granted I am a noobie, but I am one of the better players in my league. Just to give you an idea and not to brag I have 27 points in 13 games.

On the other hand there are a lot of guys in my league who lack skill but try to make up for it with over the line physical play in a non checking league. For example lets say we are going after a puck on the boards and since I get there before them I am checked into the boards. If this was a checking league then fine, I would brace myself for that hit, but since it is not I am taken off guard and I have been hurt a couple times b/c of this. I used to react to this stuff by being physical with them, but then I would end up in the box for a retalitory penalty. I decided instead of doing this I would start chirping the guys who were doing this to me. Never before they did anything to me only after. So if someone hits me in a game now I just tell them they blow at hockey, or call them a hack the next time we run into each other. I find that this is the better option for me. The thing is these kind of guys don't have respect for the other guys in our league so they dont deserve mine.

Oh yeah and only 1 guy in my league wears a visor and everyone makes fun of him. Popular names are smokehouse, smoke visor, robocop, etc...
Remember, the golden rule of non contact hockey...its only non contact if both players agree. Some of the roughest games I've played in were "non contact".Lol

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