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Originally Posted by ChiTownHawks View Post
For example lets say we are going after a puck on the boards and since I get there before them I am checked into the boards. If this was a checking league then fine, I would brace myself for that hit, but since it is not I am taken off guard and I have been hurt a couple times b/c of this. I used to react to this stuff by being physical with them, but then I would end up in the box for a retalitory penalty. I decided instead of doing this I would start chirping the guys who were doing this to me. Never before they did anything to me only after. So if someone hits me in a game now I just tell them they blow at hockey, or call them a hack the next time we run into each other. I find that this is the better option for me. The thing is these kind of guys don't have respect for the other guys in our league so they dont deserve mine.
There's an important difference between verbally confronting players who behave disrespectfully on the ice as a means of trying to get them to stop attempting to injure people without resorting to physical confrontations, and intentionally trying to irritate people as a means to make them play worse.

What you were doing is reactive, protectionary, and to a certain extent trying to help to make the game more fun for everybody. You don't chirp if everybody just plays a clean game, so that's fine, IMO. The other way is just a selfish person's way to boost himself up by trying to make everyone else around him miserable.

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