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08-05-2005, 03:21 PM
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Originally Posted by MojoJojo
1. The cap does not include non salary costs, the cap is 39 mil. You are flat out wrong about this
2. Forsberg signed 2 years for 10.7, so his salary is 5.35 per.
3. Antero Nittymaki is our backup, and will make the league minimum
4. Minor adjustment, Carter and Richards will actually be making $942,400
5. How do you figure 10 mil for our RFA's?

Total = 8.1 mil.

Since Esche had stats slightly below Aebischer last season, and otherwise is pretty identical experience wise, does that mean Colorado is going to pay him over 2 mil?
And that's fairly high for Esche. I doubt he gets $2 million.

But you're right, it's about $8 million for 6 guys. If as long as they sound to very reasonable deals, the Flyers will able to fit under the cap. If they go slightly over, Brashear could easily be dumped. This should not be a problem, as much as other team's fans want it to be.

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