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Originally Posted by BuiltTagonTough View Post
It wasn't stupid. He wanted a 1 way deal and Buffalo wouldn't give it to him. Considering this is the 2nd team that's moved him around on waivers now I'd say it was the right choice.
I don't get why all Sabres fans seem to be so pissy about Kennedy.

His qualifying offer was a one-way contract worth $698,500.
That means that it doesn't matter what he wanted; his qualifying offer was a one-way and if the Sabres wanted to keep him, that's what they had to offer.
They did so and he rejected the offer because it was the absolute minimum.
He had some leverage because he had a very good rookie year in Portland and a decent rookie NHL season, so he filed for salary arbitration.
The arbitrator awarded him a much better $1m contract, which the Sabres had to accept because it was less than $1.6m.

So, the Sabres created the mess themselves.
If they didn't feel that he was worthy of a one-way contract and just cared about flexibility, then they shouldn't have qualified him.
Instead, they qualified him and tried to get him to sign a two-way contract even though they had just offered him a one-way.
Unless Darcy is incredibly stupid, he was aware that most likely any award Kennedy received in arbitration would be less than $1.6m and therefore the Sabres would have to accept it.
He was also likely aware of the fact that it would be a one-way contract.
Therefore, they should have simply never qualified Kennedy if they didn't think he was worthy of a one-way contract because that was what he was likely to receive.
The following are the possible outcomes:
a.) he accepts his qualifying offer; he is on a one-way contract
b.) he rejects his qualifying offer and files for arbitration; any award will be a one-way contract
c.) he rejects his qualifying offer and signs an offer sheet; one-way contract
d.) he rejects his qualifying offer and instead signs a lesser two-way contract (which is stupid for him and therefore unlikely)
e.) he is not qualified and becomes an unrestricted free agent, allowing him to sign any contract

I really hope they decided to use the $666,666 they saved by buying out Kennedy on a lawyer to explain the CBA to Darcy.

As for your statement about waivers: it has nothing to do with the quality of a player.
Any movement between the AHL and NHL for him is subject to waivers.
He signed a one-way deal with the Rangers, a team that has a bunch of options at C/LW.
The Rangers chose veteran Todd White who had 99 points over the past two seasons instead of third year pro Kennedy, which is really a no brainer.
He was assigned to the AHL and had to clear re-entry waivers to return to the NHL because his contract was a one-way contract and he was subject to regular waivers already (because of his signing age, he was waiver exempt for three years or 70 games).
He played 85 NHL games on his entry-level contract which expired last year, so he will always be subject to at least regular waivers and is subject to re-entry waivers this year because of his one-way contract.

You didn't see him recalled by the Rangers this year because they didn't want to end up on the hook for half of his contract and end up with unusable cap space.
As soon as he was traded to Florida at the trade deadline, re-entry waivers became useless because he has a one year contract and any team that claimed him after the trade deadline wouldn't be able to use him (the one year contract part is important here because it wouldn't become an Avery situation where the team is on the hook for multiple years).
Florida isn't concerned about him being claimed and therefore being unavailable during the regular season or playoffs because they are not fighting for or making the playoffs, making it a no-risk situation.

I fail to see how him getting a one-way contract from a team and playing in enough games to become subject to waivers somehow validates getting rid of him as it's simply a technical matter.
Waivers have nothing to do with the quality of a player, they are just part of the CBA.

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