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Originally Posted by ponder View Post
Also, for all the talk in this thread about violent retribution towards guys who are d-bags, it's actually extremely rare in beer league from what I've seen. If you are physically chippy towards people, expect to get it back (hit/slash and you'll be hit/slashed back, as expected), but if you're just showy/cocky but otherwise clean everyone will think you're a serious tool, but likely will not actually hurt you. Maybe guys will be a bit more physical with showboaters, but I've never seen guys take true cheapshots just for being flashy.
Yeah, I've never seen a true cheapshot for being flashy or being an ass. I have seen true cheapshots, and taken one or two, but that's another story entirely. The team responsible for most of those was a constant headache for the commissioner...

Physically chippy- expect that. It happens. The refs are low level too, and sometimes have issues controlling games. Some teams are a LOT worse then others about taking shots. Usually it doesn't go too far. Usually. It can, and I've certainly played in one or two of those games. But again, you won't get those just for being flashy. You'll get those because some teams contain a lot of hyper-competitive jerks.

But if you're flashy and an arse about it, expect to be dumped on your arse in front of the net, and expect to take a little extra when hit (yes, hitting happens in no check leagues. When ever I use the terms no check or non contact in relation to beer leagues I use airquotes). You won't get blown up with an open ice hit or flipped into the bench, but expect to be rubbed out, shoved around in front of the net, ect. The refs tend to regard anything that could be construed as going for the puck as legitimate.

Originally Posted by nuckss View Post
You've been listening to Kevin Weekes! Remember, once Stamkos gets his manstrength, look out!
It's legitimate. Male bodies will fill out and solidify in the 20's. You get stronger.

As for chirping, if it's friendly, go ahead. If you're doing NHL style meanness to try and get a guy off their game, don't. It does no good and makes you look like an ass.

As an example of the right way to do it, I was covering the point right in front of the opposing bench. Puck comes up to me, I tee it up for a slap shot, and then utterly whiff. Don't even hit the puck. Guy on the bench says something to the effect of "Had a shot like that on the golf course today", I laughed, then recovered and got a snapper off before their winger got back up to cover.

That kind of stuff is fine. Good natured jibes are normal and expected. Player to player, player to ref- it's for fun, so feel free to screw around in a friendly way.

But don't be a dick about it.

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