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04-05-2011, 06:25 PM
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Originally Posted by aragorn View Post
I guess it is but what is his definition of what a goon is? Is Cooke a goon? What about Avery or Kaletta? Those are the kind of guys I would like see out of hockey. I'm not a fan of staged fights but I like a tough team that doesn't get pushed around. Philly & Boston both have pretty good teams & although they may have an enforcer, they don't really need one because they have a lot of guys who are tough & can drop them if need be. That's what I would like to see with Ottawa, a tough team who doesn't necessarily have an enforcer but has a few guys who will drop them when required.
I think the implication was guys like Cooke.

Originally Posted by Immanuel View Post
Some sort of marketing/moral decision?
Well he pays these players, when they do stupid stuff it falls back on him. He was outspoken about wanting the head shot stuff solved, so it's hypocritical on him to pay someone who goes against that. It's partly on him to be apart of discouraging the goonish targeting of headshots and that's a guideline I think he has full grounds to direct his GM with.

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