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Name: Jessica M.

Age: 22

Location: Newton

Fav All time Bruins: Byron Dafoe was my first favorite... I to this day don't know why =/ Maybe because as a kid I thought he was English and I had a weird idea of what he sounded like.

Fav Current Bruins: Marchand or Lucic for sure.

Fav Non Bruin Players: Peter Forsberg, Teemu Selanne... Pavel Bure too, loved watching him play.

Fav Movies: I'm a big fan of Monty Python movies, Holy Grail being my number one.

Music: I'll listen to anything, although I'm not a big rap/hip-hop fan... Slight preference for 90's rock though...

Hobbies: Hockey & soccer for watching, cycling and gaming for doing.

Fav food: Spaghetti Bolognese! Could eat it every day. And ice cream.

Fav Beer: I don't drink... just don't like how it tastes.

Fav Bruin moment/how I became a fan: My dad took me along as a kid, thus I badgered him to take me to every game... poor guy.

As for a favorite moment, any time we paste the Habs is good!

How long I have been a B's fan: 1994 was my first game.

Origin of screen name: It's my initials - lame I know, I was too lazy to come up with anything clever.

Jerseys owned: Home Lucic, away Bergeron.

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