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04-05-2011, 08:21 PM
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Great season in the Champ's League!

After a pretty good start then a mediocre middle and mediocre stretch run, I finished 5th and made some noise in the Quarterfinals upsetting Easton. Shat Scar, the top seed going into the playoffs, proved too much to handle in the Semi's, overtaking Team Kendo 7-4. Shat Scar and Jarmac duke it out in the finals...

In my other league with a few people from around these parts: I had a terrible beginning with a glorious comeback to just barely make the playoffs. As the bottom seed, I beat the first place team (again, Shat Scar) to go on and win the cup!

Just wanted to give a high five and say "Good game," to everyone involved.

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