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04-05-2011, 10:38 PM
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I get that we want to give Gilroy a shot on the wing, and I'm not completely opposed to experimenting with him there. I'm just not seeing how he's going to fit with the system that we play.

All of our forwards play a hard forechecking style, which is the backbone of our system. The ones that don't? Gaborik, but he gets by on his elite talent. Wolski, who floats and has been benched repeatedly as a result. Christensen, who just sucks. Now Gilroy obviously is no Gaborik, so where does that leave him? Erik Christensen, Part Deux? Just what we need!

Gilroy has shown an aversion to physical contact, and when he is contacted, he folds like a napkin. Are we expecting him to magically become a legitimate forechecker? He obviously doesn't have elite offensive skills, or even superior offensive skills. If he did, he likely would have been able to get by at the NCAA level even at 5'9" or whatever he was. But he doesn't have that skill set...

He wasn't even good on defense as a defenseman. The one thing he had going for him was that when he made a stupid play up ice he could skate back really quick and occasionally cover for his mistakes. I think the largest reason that Zucca was sent down was due to being a liability defensively--but at least he tried to forecheck, and was often effective. So now we're going to take a defenseman that was a liability defensively, and hope he can learn to forecheck and play serviceable defense? It just seems like incredibly wishful thinking.

Whatever though, as Fitzy said, he'll probably skate for five minutes then be done.


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