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04-05-2011, 11:16 PM
Ed finally concedes!
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Originally Posted by Beastieboy View Post
IMO Richards works very hard on the ice. He is not blessed with size or speed but he works hard and he sacrifices his body and he is a smart player. He has worn the C at every level and he has earned it at every level. I don't think any of us can imagine the physical and emotional pain he felt when they lost game 6. There is no way he expects anyone to hand him the Stanley Cup without putting in the effort. He knows what kind a war it is to get your name on the Cup more than any of us guys typing away on our keyboards and cursing the latest sh*tty game.

Richards is not a good interview, but that does not mean he isn't a great leader. He is respected because he doesn't try to be something he is not (i.e. Mr Charisma and great quote Pronger).

I personally hope he is in Philly forever, that he wears the C for his tenure and most importantly that he wins it all.
He def does and that is typically why I don't really like to rag on him...but this year he has been def "off" b/c of injuries possibly but who knows. I still think he has to learn to be a better captain off the ice and Holmgren has said as much. He even said at the end of the season last year that Richards still has to take it up a notch to win the the cup. Don't remember the exact wording. My take is that he still has to mature into his captaincy and leadership role. He has to make his team more accountable and sometimes the good cop strategy doesn't work.... there has to be a balance....ask people like Messier and heck Pronger. Rip on Pronger and his ways but he's got a cup and has taken teams to the finals. Even Primeau was a good captain or became a good one. He wasn't liked that much either and got the players to buy into the coach's system. He called players out on and off the ice. That is a key to success....if the captain has no buy in or starts wavering then there are problems. Hitchcock always stressed the buy in and how the Captain acted as his general because he had that disciplinarian approach. Lavy is no different.

Anyway...let's see if these words are followed up with far the words have been hollow..this BS should have changed LONG AGO!

“A lack of intensity and focus for these game led by me and it’s gotta change and it’s going to change starting Friday,” Richards vowed. “It’s extremely frustrating. It’s tough to come into a building when we desperately need the points and just not play well.”

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