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04-05-2011, 11:51 PM
Ed finally concedes!
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Originally Posted by 97FlyersKing18 View Post
Says the guy with the username "DrDoom". We all know 99% of this site is negative negative negative. Nobody commends the great athletes we have on this team or the excellent year this team has had already just by getting over 100pts. This team was on an incredible pace and it was unrealistic to expect them to be at a 1.7pt per game clip. Like I said before, sit back and watch the amazing hockey we are about to see in a week, especially since most people on this site couldn't accurately critique a hockey game to save their lives.

S'OD has won a cup, he knows what it takes. It is alarming the way this team has played the past few weeks, and I stated that in my previous post, but I am not "worried" this team is going to lose. There is nothing to "worry" about, the players that get paid the big bucks will show up and make an impact in some form, while fools on an internet message board tear them apart to get back at them for crushing their hopes and dreams of rooting for a champion once again. I highly doubt people have "no expectations for this team" considering who is on the team and their past performances come playoff time. Don't be "worried", be excited for what the Flyers are about to accomplish.
Umm DrDoom is totally's a moniker for another reason...I post on other blogs on other topics. Nevertheless, I commend your optimism I just happen to think it's misguided. It's no aberration how poorly and uninspired this team has played since the all star break. People were not negative when they were killing it in the first half and it was with reason that they were not negative. There is reason now to be concerned especially when the coach and players themselves express the concern. Their body of "work" the second half has not inspired much confidence whatsoever and if you believe in this fantasy switch they will be turning on well please send me a pic of you saddled on your unicorn....I'll hang it up next to the 2011 Stanley Cup Banner. Having said this I hope you are right.....25 years of no cup (how long I've followed them) is just a tad bit hard to swallow and I've seen this soap opera episode doesn't have cup finals in the script...but we shall see.

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